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Avatar Ficathon
Hot Springs [Story for loveroftheflame] [Story by] 
18th-Mar-2007 12:15 am
Ficathon Story for loveroftheflame.

Title: Hot Springs
Prompt: Darkness, First time, Hot springs
Genre Preferred: Romance, Angst/Torture, Humor (Just pick one or two...)
Ships Preferred: Zuko/Azula, Haru/Azula, Zuko/Yue
Rating Preferred: Any.
Author's notes: Rated R and has incestual content!!
Appearing Theme:

I’ve finally captured the Avatar.

This was the only thought registering currently in the young prince’s head. It
finally came to an end, his damn exploration for the Avatar. It had taken him
years on that ship with his uncle and his crew, but during the siege of the
Northern Water Tribe, Zuko had been able to finally capture him. He had been
lucky, really. His uncle had helped him form a plan, and it worked. Instead of
lurking in the shadows of Zhao’s ship, Zuko slowly snuck in on his prey. Zhao
had to be taken care of.

Zuko and his uncle, General Iroh, got ready for their plan. Once the fire
armada reached the Northern Water Tribe, they finally took their plan and went
into motion. Admiral Zhao and Iroh stood at the deck of the ship, looking out
towards the wonder that was the Northern Water Tribe. An amazingly crafted
city that even the Fire Nation could not bring down. If they brought the tribe
down this day, they would be the first to do so in a hundred years. This
though was not on the mind of Iroh and Zuko. They had to take down a member of
the Fire Nation, so Zuko could grab the Avatar from right under his nose.

Currently, Zhao was talking to Iroh. The two of them were dressed in their
warm Fire Nation clothes, as the strong and cold wind blew on them. Iroh
frowned at Zhao’s conversation. What he wanted to do was destructive to more
then the Water Tribe. It would bring disaster to all nations, Fire Nation
included. It was a good thing Zhao would not reach the Water Tribe’s land, let
alone kill the Moon Spirit. Zhao went on about his plan, until one of his
masked soldiers crept onto the deck, his arms out and his pose in a fighting
stance. Without a second moment, the soldier ran behind Zhao and grabbed his
arm, tightening it against Zhao’s back.

Zhao, of course caught off guard, tried to turn only to be locked in the
soldiers tight hold. With a snarl, Zhao swung his free arm and hurled flames
in the soldiers direction, causing him to let go and turn, punching out his
own barrage of flames. Zhao swung his arm over his face and dodged getting hit
straight on, before he ran and kicked out at the crouching soldier, hitting
him in the face and cracking off his mask. The soldier stepped back and
removed the broken pieces, revealing Zuko himself.

Zhao snarled, running at him, “You’re supposed to be dead!”

Zuko just smirked and once again kicked the running Zhao out from under his
own legs. Zhao collapsed to the ground and Zuko jumped up to him, slamming his
fist down in front of Zhao’s face. Zhao just smirked.

“Well, where have I seen this before…?” he drawled casually. Zuko just held
his gaze and fist down at him. Zhao, even though he was close to his own
demise, kept taunting the young prince. “Going to do it, my prince? Or
are you weak, like your father says? Can’t even hurt your own rival, can you?”

Zuko just gave a rather chilling grin, even with the heat of battle in the
air. “I’m not a liar, Zhao. I always keep my promises. Now you’re once again
in my way… And I will not hold back.”

There was a strong burst of fire and a loud yell, and the once great Admiral
Zhao was now nothing more then a scarred man, much like Zuko himself. Zhao
though, did nothing but laugh, even as his face burned. “You think just
scarring me will destroy me? You’re pathetic, prince Zuko. Even with an ugly,
scarred face like yours, I will always have more honor and strength then you
ever will. At least I actually fought.”

With a loud yell, Zuko hurled more flames down at the admiral’s chest, burning
his chest and causing him to choke. Iroh ran over and grabbed Zuko’s arm.
“That is enough, Zuko.”

Zuko said nothing to his uncle, and did nothing except pull his arm away. They
were silent except for Zhao’s slow gasps for air. Iroh turned towards the
Northern Water Tribe. “If we want to finish our plan, we must start now. The
sun is still up.”

Zuko just nodded and rushed off to alert the troops what General Iroh’s
commands were. They had planned this. Zuko would defeat Zhao, and Iroh would
command the fleet while Zuko went off to snatch the Avatar. Then, when Zuko
had the Avatar in his grasp, he would return to the fleet.

Capturing the Avatar had not been hard. Other then that damn waterbender
peasant getting in his way and attacking him, he was able to snatch the
meditating Avatar and leave with him. He brought the Avatar back to the fleet,
going past fighting firebenders and waterbenders caught in battle for an age
long war. To Zuko, it had been obvious that the firebenders were winning. It
was daylight out, and the sun strengthens the firebender’s firepower and

It wasn’t long before he finally reached the main ship of the fleet and pulled
the Avatar inside, tying him up strongly so he would not escape, before
locking the door and pocketing the key. No one would see the Avatar except him
during their travels home. Even if the Fire Nation fleet held no victory, he
would make sure he did. Zuko grinned to himself as he walked back onto the
deck. He would receive back his honor and throne... And no one would stop him.

At least, that was what he thought. But he wasn’t expecting he might lose his
throne even after he went back home and brought the Avatar to his father.
Keeping his honor would only get a lot harder. This time, though, it was dealt
in his own family of the Fire Nation.

It started just a few days ago, Zuko thought to himself, as he slowly
ate his dinner. The Fire Nation fleet had won against the Water Tribe, and
everyone but the Water Tribe royals they had been able to capture went home to
the Fire Nation in victory. Zuko had been surprised the Avatar’s little
friends hadn’t come to save him, and had even kept up his high security for he
knew they would come if they cared for their beloved Avatar enough. Though
towards the end of their travels home, he guessed they did not. He used this
very fact that his friends haven’t tried to save him to hurt the Avatar. But
even with every cold word, the Avatar was able to keep up his bravery. The
pathetic boy thought his friends still cared about him.

Zuko already knew at the time that friends, in the end, were worthless. The
Avatar’s friends have not tried to save him, and even now, with the Avatar
under his father’s control, did Zuko know his friends would never try. So Zuko
was the one who gained back his seat to the throne, while the Avatar sat
alone, in a dungeon.

When he was finished with his meal, he got up and left towards his chambers,
still thinking. His father had been greatly proud of him. Gave him back the
throne, but not yet his honor. At least, that was what Zuko thought. What was
worse was that since Zuko was now truly prince again, and of age, it was his
duty to now marry. During his entire trip on his ship, he had never thought of
marriage. Yes, he knew one day it would have to happen. How else would he get
heirs? But he didn’t think it would have to happen so soon. Or that his father
had already arranged a marriage for him.

Since the Fire Nation had won the battle with the Northern Water Tribe, the
tribe was desperate to not invoke even more destruction by the hands of the
Fire Nation. So Chief Arnook had no choice but to cancel Princess Yue’s
marriage with the noble and strong young man, Hahn. Instead, Yue was to have
her marriage with the Prince of the Fire Nation. Zuko himself.

He had no idea what to think of this, really. He would have rather married
another woman from the Fire Nation. That union would produce strong heirs of
fire. To be married off with some strange water tribe woman was uncalled for,
even if she was royal and supposedly blessed with one of the ancient spirits.
But of course, Zuko didn’t have a choice. It was what his father wanted, and
Zuko had no plans of being exiled any longer.

It just confused him why his father would want him to marry Yue. Didn’t his
father want the Fire Nation royal bloodline to grow strong? Didn’t his father
know how much of a dishonor it was to him?

As Zuko thought about it, yes, his father did know how much of a dishonor it
was. He just wanted Zuko to suffer, once again.

He walked down the dark hall to his chambers and Zuko didn’t notice his sister
in front of him until he walked right into her. He grunted a loud, “Watch
where you’re going” before he could stop it, and paled. Princess Azula just

“Zuko, what are you doing up at this hour?” She purred, leaning against his
only exit out of this confrontation.

“Get out of my way, Azula.” He growled, not in the mood. Azula lifted her arm
and tucked her index under his chin as she forced him to look right at her
face. “Now, Zuzu. Why don’t you talk to your little sister more often?”

Zuko just shoved her arm away. “If you would listen, it’s because I’m not in
the mood.” She just pouted.

“You’re never in the mood, Zuzu.”

“Stop calling me that!” He snapped, before moving her aside and stomping off
to his room.

“It’s because of the Water Tribe princess, isn’t it Zuzu? Well, I can fix

Zuko turned and stared at her. “What are you talking about?” He growled,
“There’s nothing anyone can do. I’m sure she doesn’t want to marry me either,
but both of our fathers think it’s a good idea to bring peace. As if it ever

Azula just shook her head. “Oh, Zuzu. You’re not thinking it right. What
father really wants is for the Water Tribe to be under us. Think about it…
You, over her as she squirms and moans under your hot, strong Fire Nation

Zuko just blanched. “Azula, you’re sick.”

She just smirked, waved her hand. “You know it’s what you want. But, if you’d
rather have more valuable flesh under your body… Well, it has to come to you.”

He growled, “What are you talking about?”

“I’ll show you, Zuzu. Just come to the royal hot springs tonight. I’d daresay
you need a bath anyway…”

Without another word, she turned and left to go deeper into the dark hallway.
Zuko, now thinking his sister was much crazier then he originally thought,
went into his chambers and slumped down onto his bed. After a few minutes of
staring at the ceiling and thinking of what the hell Azula was talking about,
he came to a decision. She was right about one thing… He did need a bath. Not
just because he was smelling a bit unsanitary, but because the thought of the
hot spring’s warm water around his aching body felt like a good idea. If he
was lucky, Azula would just babble and nothing would actually happen except
him sinking up to his chin into the warm depths of the water.

Zuko climbed out of bed, changed into his slim robe and swept out the door
into the darkness of the hall. It was late at night, so most except a few
servants in the palace were asleep. This of course helped Zuko to sneak by
greatly. He exited the palace and went towards the back, where the royal hot
springs were situated. Since the Fire Nation’s island was mostly volcanic,
there were many hot springs around the land where water was able to sit. The
most popular and beautiful were of course the ones around royal palace, since
money had been put into the area around it. Ornate decorations and lights,

When he got there, the place was empty. Just the bubbling liquid and the warm
steam it let off. First looking around to see if the place really was empty,
he slipped off his robe and walked himself into the hot springs, giving off a
much needed sigh as he settled down into the water.

As time passed, he slowly got more relaxed and closed his eyes, letting his
guard down enough for his own sister to swim towards him. She was stealthy and
slow as she settled herself down on the same ledge he was resting on, causing
small ripples in the water to alert Zuko of her presence as they delicately
touched him.

He snapped his eyes open, only to catch a sight he thought he would never see,
and hoped to never see, in his lifetime. Azula, his sister, completely naked.
While he could only see what was above her stomach, he couldn’t help but to
feel himself blush, and this wasn’t the blush from the warm spring’s water,
not at all.

He gasped, as she shifted closer and leaned towards him, “A…Azula?”

She just smirked and wordlessly crawled into his lap, leaning into him closer.
“Zuko…” she breathed, bringing her face closer to his. “Why have that water
tribe bitch when you can have me? I’m highly valuable flesh… Over you, under
you… Wherever you want me to be.”

Zuko felt himself flushing worse. “W…What the hell are you doing, Azula? Get

She made no move to get off. If anything, she moved herself closer and settled
her lips on his, before pressing them and forcing a kiss out of him. Zuko
tried to move himself away to no avail, Azula just had him in too much of a
strong vice grip and her lips, they were… Zuko cursed himself. He shouldn’t be
thinking of his sister like this, or have her reclined on him like this, for
that matter…

Azula did nothing but put her hand against his scar, touching it softly. “You
want to know something, Zuzu? Why you were banished?”

He said nothing, trying to think of something else other then her warm body
over him, and the way she was touching him… While Azula continued on.

“Father didn’t want to banish you. He wanted to do much worse, Zuzu. He wanted
to kill you.”

Zuko just growled, “Shut up, Azula. Father wouldn’t want to kill me.”

She just smiled, putting her finger to his lips. “Let me finish. You see, he
wanted to kill you. But I didn’t want such a beautiful man like you to perish.
So I gave him the idea to banish you… He made up you finding the Avatar. If he
were to banish you, he didn’t want you to come back, you see.”

She let him absorb this in quietly. Zuko started to shiver, even with all the
warmth around him. “You’re not… Lying, are you? You always lie.”

Azula just shook her head, “Why would I lie about this, Zuzu? It was I who let
you live. Do you want to know why?”

Zuko said nothing, so she once again went on. “I want you, Zuko. I want every
bit of you. Unlike father, I will not let some woman not of the Fire Nation
have you. I know you don’t want her, either. I see it in your face. You’d
rather have me, any day.”

He kept quiet. Yes, he didn’t want to marry Yue. But he didn’t want to marry
his own sister, either! Did he? It wasn’t like it would be a bad thing… In the
past, Fire Nation royals have married in the family. So it wasn’t taboo as one
might think. It was just, who would want to marry Azula? Would she even be

“I know what you’re thinking, Zuzu. I’m a virgin, my brother. I’ve been
waiting to have this chance forever… I want you to be my first.”

Zuko felt himself struggling to hold onto sanity. Azula truly wanted him? Was
she crazy? And yet… She had been waiting for him, and if what she said had
been true, she was why he was still alive and not just dead. Marrying his
sister was slowly sounding much more better then marrying water tribe filth.

As Azula slid her hands down his sides, he slowly felt himself submit to her.
She was fast to catch this, and she kissed him before slowly lowering herself
on his lap.

“So Zuzu does want me, does he? Then I say we get started…”

Zuko could do nothing but grab onto Azula tightly, his eyes widening at what
he was feeling. He was in the hot springs…With his own sister. It felt weird,
and yet at the same time it felt so good. What really made it feel good though
was that this would be such a slap in the face to his father.

Azula brought her head down to Zuko’s neck and moaned into it, kissing him
there softly. Zuko closed his eyes, his hands touching her sides and arms.

They started out slow, but like normal, they started to compete. Only this
time they were competing for pleasure and not the pain of the other. After
awhile Azula slumped against him and panted, only to squeak as he rolled the
two of them over, so now he was on top.

He grinned and kissed her fiercely, now in control of her. Before she even had
time to overcome what had just happened, he was going at her. She wrapped her
arms around his back and held on tight until the two of them quickly went over
the edge, calling out to the sky.

Zuko rolled himself off of her, and she sighed as she leaned against him,
exhausted. Zuko never thought he would see her tired, but this proved even
Azula had her limits. It made him feel even better to know he was the one who
had tired her out. Of course, she had also tired him out… Proving the two of
them more then made a match for each other.

After a short while of the two of them panting softly and staying close, Zuko
pulled himself up out of the water and pulled on his robe. “Where are your
clothes?” He asked Azula, who still relaxed in the springs. She pointed
towards where she had stripped them off, and Zuko went off to retrieve them
for her. When he got them, she was able to climb out and put them on, a grin
on her face.

“You were good, Zuzu… Very good.”

Zuko shrugged, thinking the same of her. “So were you.” He was quiet for a
bit, the two of them heading off towards the palace.

Soon he was able to talk again, “We have to talk to father about this.”

She nodded her head; her eyes alight with a new fire. “You’re mine now, Zuko.
I won’t let another woman, let alone a water tribe woman, touch you.”

They walked together back to Zuko’s chambers, and stepped inside the quiet
room. Azula yawned and sat on his bed, exhausted. “We have to show father we
want each other, and no one else. That way maybe he will change his mind. But
if not, well… There are many ways to remove a Fire Lord.”

Zuko did nothing but just lay down on his bed, and closed his eyes. “Sleep
now… Conspire against father later.”

Azula just smirked and laid herself down with him, closing her eyes. “Yes… Let
us sleep, Zuko. Tomorrow is always another day.”

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18th-Mar-2007 01:03 pm (UTC)
Wow. That was pretty hawt! Smokin really. lol! I liked how you made it so that in the FN it was common for royals to wed in the family, as was common in our own history. And YAY for adding a little Zue! I love that ship...

Anyway, great job and THANKS!!!
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