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Avatar Ficathon
May 8th, 2007 
05:47 pm - New Mod sign up
Annoying paperclip
Hello dahlings♥. My it's been forever hasn't it? ^^;

So. Long story short. Clearly--we need an extra set of hands. A pair of hands that despite multiple changes in their lifestyle can still frequently make time to check their eljay more than just once every two months. (Or worser.) And actually update this goliath of a vessel.
In which I give a few excusesCollapse )
SO YAH! We're looking for veteran LJ-ers. People who have been around a while. People who frequent the other comms frequently. You know, like a_f, a_e, or a drabbling comm., etc. People you just see around period. Past mod experience is always a plus. (Like if you also mod the such and such comm. Extra brownie points if it's part of the fandom. :D)

The point is, you guys deserve better than just some random pick of the group. You need someone who has a history of maintaining visual existence on eljay for quite sometime, DESPITE major changes to their lives. *coughCOLLEGE/HScough*

Without further ado, email your request forms to avatarficathon@gmail.com and answer the following questions:
The form!Collapse )
Alright. I'll get back to you guys with an update on potential mod-to be's. Perhaps I'll let you vote on who you want? Eh, too far ahead. I'll poke Red about it. For now, cause I know many of you are itching for your fics, be patient loves. Life is a hectic ride that burns time 1000 miles per day.
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